Portrait of Myself as My Father

McIntosh Jerahuni perfoms in the Tumbuka dance company production, portrait of myself as my father, at Alec Mullins venue in Grahamstown on 3 July 2015; at the 2015 National Arts Festival. The dance is choreographed by Nora Chipaumire; the Zimbabwean rooted dance celebrates masculinity, the African body and the Zimbabwean self. (Photo: CUEPIX/Niamh Walsh-Vorster)


Seen on July 3, 2015 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

Soil, lots of soil, a sandy surface. Movements in silence. Distant knocks. Moving backwards, men and women in suits. Frozen poses, far reaching gestures.

That is how Portrait of Myself as My Father starts, a dance performance choreographed by Nora Chipaumire that authors and celebrates masculinity, performance, the black African body and interrogates the ‘Zimbabwean self’ as manifested through time, space and force (dance).

Friendly looks alter with challenging behaviour, men whistling, shouting, swinging moving, making fun of themselves unfolding to a street party that wants you to move along, clap and join the fun.

Men on the forefront having a laugh, men at work behind the scenes, doing extraordinary things. Retreats into slow movements and back to full action. Men at war, confronting in duels. Men, always in conversation. That never ending posing and positioning of the African men.

Tumbuka Contemporary Dance Company: Catherine Douglas, Caroline Yule, Ndineyi Alfazima, Chido Mukundwa, Maylene Chenjerayi, Snoden Filimon, McIntosh Jerahuni, Alexio Matambo, Stanley Wasili, Carlton Zhanelo

Choreography: Nora Chipaumire