Thundercat AND UKZN Storytellers

Anton Forsberg and Sebastian Jonsson from the Swedish band Thundercat play at the National Arts Festival, in Grahamstown, 05 July 2015. The band are winners of the Swedish Jazz Federation Youth Competition 2014. (Photo: CuePix/ Tamani Chithambo)

Seen on July 5, 2015 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

At the Standard Bank Jazz Festival it is not only the ancestors that are honored, also young artist get plenty opportunity to make themselves heard. Thundercat is hailed as the future of Swedish Jazz, so we were curious what the young boys from Thundercat would sound like 10000 km from home. Sebastian Jonsson (sax), Anton Forsberg (guitar), Oliver Belvelin (bass) and Jonas Backman (drums) open confident with walking bass, stable drums and Jonsson looking for his sound. The second composition came into existence when the band were together in a hut in a forest in Sweden some months ago. It is not a secret that the beauty and darkness of the country often inspires great music, lots of breaks and accents in this song, classical jazz chords and downbeat. Next is a quiet harmonious piece with a lot of strong drum accents and northern expression, building up he tension and returning to the theme. Last piece was composed on a journey to Goteborg. Thundercat’s sound is mostly based around the calm guitar harmonies, accented by the abilities of the quartet. If this is the future of Swedish Jazz, there is still lot within reach.

UKZN Storytellers take place next. First composition is Vogni (Wake Up) featuring shiny scatting vocals, impressive drumming (uncountable beats per minute) with a very precise technique. With Journey has began Mr D. leads in a very groovy fretless bass, with delightful piano, beautiful melodies in my heart that bring joy.  Red feather gives all room for the guitar of Rogan to get the groove. UKZN storytellers conclude with tropical vibes, youthful energy and a blend of influences that come from living in Durban and produce a totally enjoyable sound.