Seen on January 31, 2016 @ Alexander Bar, Cape Town

“This is the first time that I’m actually playing in a theatre and not as a side programme,” Mischa informs us. Her normal gigs are weddings and other events, or playing background music at markets. And that’s a pity. Her first set as the focal point proves that she can easily carry a show of this caliber, and even more: that she deserves to be in the spotlight.

Mischa brought us some of her own songs and some covers/mashes of other people’s work. The covers display her versatility as she keeps the recognisable aspect of the original songs, but not without an authentic spin to them. It’s clearly her version and no one else’s. Bill Withers and Florence & The Machine pass the review, and Mischa puts down a version that does justice to the original.

The true gem lies in her own work though. We get a few songs from her own hand – including a sweet love song, which is rather exceptional, she speedily adds to that. Her song writing is mature and has great build-ups. The guitar tunes are smooth and soothing.

Mischa’s voice stands in line with great artists like Regina Spektor and Brooke Waggoner. Her ethereal vocal timbre draws us in a musical intimacy and brings us out of this world for an hour. We listen, and enjoy, and for a short amount of time forget what happens outside. IMG_0955

The binding texts Mischa utters between the songs come across as a bit shy and hesitant, but that’s just part of the act and adds to the personal aspect of the set. Mischa’s first performance as main act was definitely a successful one and we look forward to seeing more of her in the (near) future. We can only hope that the covers and mash-ups will get a smaller part in the set in favour of more of her own work. Don’t get me wrong, I like her covers. But I way prefer her own work.

Check out some of that work here.