Seen on June 30, 2016 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

Have you heard  that radio ad that predicts that the next world war will not be fought over oil or land, but water?

With an ever emerging thirst for this precious good Uyabona Ke’s Waterline streams masked actors, slapstick movements and painful fights into a crisis of gigantic proportions. What starts off with a boy searching for water to quench his thirst, soon involves a swagging drunkard, a mama with a rolling pin, and other township citizens trying to get hold of a few drops.

Water is life, and the quest for this potable liquid becomes an ugly fight that leads to the death of our young hero who went looking everywhere in a time when dead flies could be eaten. This micro story gets political when status driven community leaders and greed obsessed businessman claim a monopoly on what should give life to all. Death stinks in the pool.

A redemptive twist occurs when the mother of the child returns the cup of her dead son to the one who exploited others so he can wet his lips in a barren land.

Quirky, violent physical theater that does not respect the all ages recommendation. Although caricatural in its approach, the physical and suggestive violence is too hard for young eyes to bear.

The haunting songs, laughable moments and faces that you could recognise on the street make it a memorable performance that demanded a lot of hard work. Waterline makes you thirst for justice.

Director: Rob Murray
Featuring: Khaya Kondile, Ayanda Nondlwana, Nombasa Ngoqo, Mziwanele Jodwana