Seen on July 7, 2016 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown



Hidden besides a big screen Naomi van Niekerk and Arnaud van Vliet present us Kontinuum a visual feast that combines different media. The singer songwriter tunes in poetic Afrikaans are remeniscent of the dark, haunting songs of Wovenhand’s David Eugene Edwards. The Americana sound van Vliet produces on his 1920s Gibson lapsteel guitar is hauntingly beautiful. The animation that accompanies the reflection are original animations send from a laptop or live sand drawings and shadow theatre, evoked by van Niekerk. There is a rest in the pace that allows to see everything that is made, and dream a little longer as the lovestory unfolds. Starting in Johannesburg we are taken to a Paris street café.

Both artists put their mark on this beautiful collaboration in sound and images. This original piece did not remain unnoticed as Kontinuum got an invitation to come to the Cape Town Fringe Festival later this year. What a privilege to be allowed to dream in such a beautiful place.

Photography: CuePix/ Aaliyah Tshabalala – National Arts Festival 2016