The Light House

Seen on July 7, 2016 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

A light house is standing tall in the bay, witnessing the storm when Gordon and Sailor dance in a whirlwind of joyful play, having the time of their life in each other’s company. When Sailor sets sail again, Gordon is left with a message that he will return for his birthday. Holding fast to Sailor’s promise Gordon awaits the day of his return. As time passes and the big day approaches Gordon starts to wonder what could have happened to his best friend. He withdraws to the solitude of the light house in the sole company of a seagull and Auntie Lachmie who reminds him of the other world out there.

Gordon’s imagination takes a wild run and soon he finds himself on a rescue mission to save the experienced sailor from all harm that might have swallowed him. The grotesque movements, exaggerating gestures, comical play of Joe Young and Jacques Da Silva spiced with the coloured humour make The Light House a very funny story that teaches a lesson or two about friendship and loyalty.  The roaring laughter of children who identify with the characters as they jump, sing, sail, swim, imagine, play, wait and watch for a promise to be kept makes the Light House a place you would like to be.

Amidst the worries, breakdowns and many obstacles Sailor finds a way to come home and once again into the safe haven where a friend awaits his return.