Rat Race

Seen on July 9, 2016 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

One day Miles, a stressed out city rat gets exhausted by the rat race and needs to go awa, far away from the city fumes and in for a bit of fresh air he arrives at a farm. That is where hemeets Melissa, a kind and relaxed farm mouse. The two lifestyles collide, but slowly but surely they start to appreciate parts of each other’s life and become friends.

Rat Race is a delightful watch for young spectators and their parents. As the pop-up story book enfoldes. Roberto Pombo and Almeera Patel bring some funny characters to the front that children can relate to. Their masks make them cute and their lenghty bodies enlarge their persona as they dance, sing and act. A self made cupboard on wheels can be turned and serves as a flat and a country farm with doors opening and bringing surprise and repitition.

Life in the city is hectic, and other nerves have to be trained when Miles for example has to learn how to water a garden or worse feed the chickens. As I look around me the little eyes that watch are sparkling and some children laugh really loud.

A story about a change of perspective, an unlikely friendship and an invitation to relax ….

Photography: CuePix/Megan Moore – National Arts Festival 2016